HTB offers opportunities for professionals, trainees and Professionals with special needs who want to be part of an international successful company. We offer challenging environments that enable the development and professional achievement. We seek professionals who add value to our business, have an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to results.



HTB stimulates learning and the professional development of university students who are studying business administration, accounting, engineering, architecture, information technology, among other courses.

Meetings are held throughout the program along with orientation sessions and lectures with the aim of integrating the group of trainees and to promote the exchanging of experiences.

The trainees have the opportunity to work in different areas through job rotation and their performance is evaluated by a mentor who defines and guides their daily activities. At the end of their college course, the trainees are invited to write a paper giving a suggestion to improve the company.

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PNE - Professionals with special needs

Its purpose is to support the process of inserting professionals with special needs into the job market and prove that differences enrich the development of human relations.

Some of the benefits offered are a scholarship, life insurance, transportation, meals, medical insurance, and a dental plan. The selection process is based on the skills and potential of each employee and their ability to use them in the work environment.

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