Learn about the programs for HTB employees:
Young Professionals� Program

Has the purpose of training new college graduates in the organization along technical, behavioral, and management system topics.
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Employee Integration

Provides new employees with the information necessary for the beginning of their activities in the company and allows them to get an overview of the business and training in SAP modules.

HOCHTIEF Literacy Program

Has the purpose of teaching employees hired directly by the company to read and write. At the end of the program the students receive a certificate of having completed their junior high level education.

Language Studies - English, German and Portuguese

To encourage the learning of languages: English and German. The company offers a scholarship to employees who rank at an intermediate level or higher in order to encourage them to continually improve their fluency.

Lessons Learned

At the end of each contract, meetings are held with the purpose of exchanging experiences and lessons learned during the implementation of the building project.

Technical School

Internal professionals are invited to give courses to employees on specific topics from different areas.

Exchange Program

Exchanging experiences among employees and companies within the HOCHTIEF Group and Zech Group located in different countries in order to acquire new knowledge.

Leadership Development

Has the purpose of providing the leaders with information about the company's processes as well as new corporate leadership techniques.

More life

Values the quality of life of the employees by providing physical and integration activities such as motivational lectures, jogging groups, sports leagues, pre-work warming up exercises, and parties to celebrate successes.
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