For HOCHTIEF of Brazil, Sustainability is the balance between its social, economic and environmental principles.

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Society�s development depends on transforming actions in various sectors and it also depends on the companies incorporating the concepts of social responsibility in their business practices.

Small actions done with great responsibility and commitment cause huge effects, both within our internal community as well as within the society in which we live.

We believe in equal rights and believe that everyone, without exception, needs an opportunity.

Our business is done by people and for the good of people. Always!

Our concern with the environmental impacts emerged from initiatives that go beyond legal obligations and market demands. Our commitment with sustainability as a principle, has already been defining the guidelines adopted in the operation of business for a while now.

We believe that the good practices, already adopted in our worksites, plus our values and beliefs and multiplied by all of our business units provide our differential in the market.

Caring for the environment is part of our business!

Our strategic actions include finding a balance that allows us to generate value to our business and our shareholders, and taking into account the social and environmental dimensions. We have defined markets, segments, partners and suppliers aligned with the values and beliefs that guide our business.

We have adopted practices, in our daily activities, which demonstrate our concern with the environment and with the society where we operate and seek to turn these practices into a sustainability standard we pursue for our daily activities.

Sustainable practices generate value to our business and guarantee its continuity!

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