Management System

Management System

HTB has an integrated management system, which ensures that both the contractual requirements of our clients and our organization's goals are achieved. This contains all the necessary guidance to the company's operations as the business philosophy, the model of organization activities and processes required by business model, in accordance with the international requirements of quality, health, safety and environment.

Quality Management

The guidelines for complying with the integrated management system are presented in the Management Book that complies with the requirements of standard ISO 9001, ensuring customer satisfaction and improvements needed for the company's growth.

Management of Health & Safety and Occupational Health

HTB makes sure that all the company's activities are carried out with the fundamental purpose of protecting the human being, preserving its assets, and continuing its services, executing tasks by skilled and qualified people and thereby works effectively to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases thus eliminating or minimizing the levels of exposure to risks along with reducing the frequency of occurrence and severity of injuries arising from accidents at work. Since the end of 2006, this management follows the guidelines of OHSAS 18001.

Environmental Management

Certified in December 2006 according to standard NBR ISO 14001, environmental management at HTB has focused primarily on the study with each building project of all environmental aspects involved and their respective impacts beyond all the legislation to protect nature from the activities to be undertaken and its geographical location.

Based on this information, control measures are defined and implemented in order to ensure that both the company's environmental policies as well as its objectives and indicators are fully met.

If despite all of this some unwanted impact still occurs, the Management System has routines to implement comprehensive corrective actions capable of eliminating them, and more than that, prevent their recurrence.

Information Management

HTB has with an integrated corporate information and business management system based on the SAP standard.
In a transparent manner, HTB ensures ensure the integration between the operating and cost control systems, which facilitates and expedites the decision-making process.
High technology and security are key features that make us a trusted partner.
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