Markets and Segments


Prepared and capable of operating throughout the project life cycle.

The company's strategy is to offer services throughout the entire life cycle of a building project. By developing partnerships with clients and suppliers, it can provide better delivery terms, quality, and prices that meet the demands of the current market.

Supported by a global network of large groups of engineering and construction in the world, HTB offers complete engineering & construction solutions ranging from feasibility studies to built-to-suit contracts, pre-construction, project development, construction and post-project technical assistance meeting the needs of its local clients.

Continuing with its business strategy of identifying opportunities and obtaining contracts in new markets and segments, HTB formed a group of companies, which is currently composed by Construtora TEDESCO and KERN Engenharia. HTB has holdings in TEDESCO, an engineering and construction company from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with a tradition of over 60 years, operating in the industrial and construction markets. And more recently, in order to operate especially in the segment that is mainly characterized by fast construction, agility and competitive cost, HTB establishes, with entrepreneurial executives, KERN Engenharia, which operates in the provision of engineering services and the construction of logistics and industrial warehouses.

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